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…all things wild and alive (i.e. nature!) on The Box Moor Trust estate in Hemel Hempstead (& Bovingdon), Hertfordshire, UK.

As a new volunteer to the Trust in 2013, joining the wildlife monitoring team, I wanted to get to know the land. Over the course of the following year, Project 2014 was my vehicle for this and I hoped, too, that it would give me the opportunity to share something of the “nature on our doorstep” with anyone who fancied taking a peek. Little did I know that within sight of the town centre there would be nesting Kingfishers, rare butterflies and moths, hunting Barn Owls, swathes of Bee Orchids and much more besides. Ultimately, this weblog charts my happy accidents, curious encounters and surprising discoveries as I explored the land over the course of 12 months. Furthermore, I hoped, that any knowledge or insight I gained would enable me to go on to develop an appropriate, structured and sustainable programme (website/log) for long term use in connection with the Trust.

An Aside

Many of the supporters of the Trust are not online which is why I went on to also create an “extracts leaflet”, mailed out quarterly to the "Friends of the Trust" (see Leaflets).

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These are the efforts of an enthusiastic amateur, with no experience in landscape photography and very limited natural history knowledge. No doubt I'll make mistakes, so, feel free to laugh or cry as appropriate, and then perhaps gently whisper in my ear and share with me the benefits of your experience.

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