The Box Moor Trust

Everything you could ever want to know about The Box Moor Trust can be found on their website.

Essentially, some 400+ years ago (in 1594), the rights to grazing land were altruistically handed over to 67 residents of Hemel Hempstead and Bovingdon. The land was held in trust by this group and although, over the centuries, some of the land has been sold off, some exchanged and further land purchased, The Box Moor Trust estate remains a substantial and thriving local resource. It is now in the hands of 12 elected Trustees, who strive to ensure that the land is conserved, maintained and serves the needs of the local community. In essence, they are

"Safeguarding the Inheritance" 

The Trust has a superb volunteer scheme (approx 100 volunteers currently) and various skilled teams of permanent staff who work to manage the estate and bring nature into the lives of children and local schools.

Walks, mapped out on the land, can be found on the Trust website here.

Bovingdon Brickworks

The Box Moor Trust have kindly supplied a copy of the Bovingdon Brickworks leaflet which was distributed last year (2013) for the Family Day. It provides detailed directions to the Brickworks and a suggested walk. To access the PDF version click here

The 4 pages of the leaflet are as follows

    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4

Alternatively, my attempt at some rough details to access the Bovingdon Brickworks site can be found here.

Map of The Box Moor Trust Estate 

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