Thursday 23 January 2014

Week 1/B: The Decision

Decision made. It's going to be the old Oak tree standing on Dellfield. Aesthetically, I am drawn to its neighbour, the Scots Pine, however, I always intended to follow the life of a deciduous tree and, so, the Oak it is.

In context

As well as observing the tree weekly over the coming 12 months, I plan to photograph the same single branch each week to capture how the buds grow, change, leaf and so on. 

As an aside, the tree seems pleased to have been chosen…I swear it smiled at me today….

Up on Preston Hill, near the pond, there were more than 50 Redwing feeding on the ground. A Green Woodpecker dashed out from the recently laid hedgerow and a Red Kite soared overhead.

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