Saturday 24 May 2014

Week 18, Map: Bovingdon Brickworks

I hadn't realised, until this weekend, that there isn't anything immediately accessible to provide directions to the The Box Moor Trust's Bovingdon Brickworks site. I'm sure there will be (or are) official maps/guides but, until I can find them, I hope the following information is helpful.

Firstly, I've put together a rough map in google maps, HERE. You will need to switch to "satellite" view to obtain all the detail.

It should look like this, with notes for the markers in a margin on the left

When you arrive at the corner of Green Lane, marked on the map by the flag, you'll see a number of paths/entrances.

The Corner of Green Lane

At the "Entrances to Bovingdon Brickworks Site" shown above, you'll see 3 paths. The left and right (behind the hedge) paths lead to the Brickworks site, the central path leads to a private house and shouldn't be approached.

You'll find numerous tracks and trails to explore, so good luck and have fun!

EDIT 29 May 2014: The Box Moor Trust have kindly supplied a copy of the Bovingdon Brickworks leaflet which was distributed last year (2013) for the Family Day. It provides detailed directions to the Brickworks and a suggested walk. The PDF can be found here or here.

EDIT 31 August 2014: I only discovered the area of the Brickworks shown in orange (SE side of Baker's Wood) this month (August 2014) so have updated the google map and the map shown above accordingly.


Martin Parr said...

A great guide, thanks Lucy!

Bennyboymothman said...

I usually cheekilyu park on the corner of that road, just squeezing my car into a gap just before the cricket field gate!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! The dog and I are looking forward to exploring later in the week. Helen

Lucy @ A Natural Interlude said...

Glad to be able to help, Helen. Thanks Martin and Ben for your comments too. Here's hoping for a break in the rain soon.