Wednesday 12 March 2014

Week 8, Part 1: Little Egret up a Tree

Two posts this week. Both a little shorter than I had hoped but this blog is about doing what I can, when I can.

Today started off foggy but by the afternoon the sun had won through. On Bulbourne Meadow, two male Greenfinches had positioned themselves on the very tops of tall trees and were filling the air with their rousing enticements to pair up and make lots of little Greenfinches. I must admit, if I were a lady of the Greenfinch variety, I would have been tempted. One of the songsters was right at the top of the Willow of my reflection obsession and I watched and listened to him for a good minute or two.

Making my way through Harding’s Moor, I could hear a pair of Mistle Thrushes rattling away over on Station Moor. Through binoculars, I could see that it was a territorial dispute. A Magpie was chasing the pair all round one particular tree. Up, down and through the branches and every time one of the Thrushes tried to get back into position, the Magpie would quickly pounce. I was then distracted by the sound of another Mistle Thrush rattling close by. It had obviously just landed on the ground and was now searching for food, prodding the earth. It too had a mate.

As I arrived near Station Road, the regular Little Egret flew in from Station Moor and eventually perched up in one of the large trees overhanging the River Bulbourne. It was still there when I drove past the area an hour later!

I am rather lacking in energy and capacity this week, so my visit to Dellfield was focused entirely on the Oak. This week’s shot is all about seeing its shape in context. I applied a grey-scale gradient filter and inverted it, making black white and white black. 

Another way of seeing its shape….standing in its shadow

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