Sunday 30 March 2014

Week 10, Bonus: Afternoon Delight

…not in the Starland Vocal Band sense……but, in the Kingfisher flypast sense…

       Female Kingfisher (Verulamium Park, St Albans, Feb 2014)

I was strolling along the river on Bulbourne Meadow, when a male Kingfisher came whizzing past, calling, with a fish in his mouth (I know, clever chap). Kingfishers have been reported at Boxmoor all winter and I knew a couple had been seen recently. I eventually caught up with the fish-carrying-Lothario and grabbed some video footage (below). I've included the photograph (above) of a female Kingfisher, which I took in St Albans last month, to illustrate the difference in bill colour between the sexes (the male has a smart all black bill, whilst the female adds a little je ne sais quoi with an orange base to her bill). Watching the video with the sound switched on will bring the mighty song of a tiny Wren and the chiming of a Chiffchaff into your day.

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Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!! A beautiful shot of my favourite bird. What a treat for you. From ARF