Friday 14 March 2014

Week 8 Extra: Roughdown Birds & Butterflies

I had an unexpected opportunity to get out locally this morning and plumped for Roughdown Common.

As a keen birder, hearing my first local Chiffchaff of the year brings about a swelling of joy and a flood of warm, bird-filled memories of Spring and Summer days. So, you can imagine my delight this morning when, as I approached Lower Roughdown, bathed in sunshine, a Chiffchaff burst into song. Bliss.

There were a number of fluttering butterflies, hibernation over, feeding on the nectar of willow catkins (2 Commas and a Small Tortoiseshell).

Nearby, a Song Thrush was creating all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds whilst a Nuthatch also called repeatedly.

Later, as I walked back from Further Roughdown, a pair of Bullfinches flew through the trees. These seem to be as rare as hens teeth around here so fantastic to see.

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