Tuesday 29 April 2014

Week 15: Treasure & Life in the Old Oak Yet

The forecast for the next few days is basically a vast sea of cloud, with a smidgen of sunshine and a sprinkling of showers. I managed two out of three in this week’s Oak photograph (I don’t suppose being rained on, whilst waiting T H I R T Y,  L O N G minutes for the sunshine to appear, counts?! If you were around on Monday evening, yes, I was the peculiar person standing the middle of the field, staring at the clouds, willing them to move AWAY from the sun).

The Oak's leaves are just beginning to come through now. It is alive (*wipes sweat from brow in relief that 12 month project wasn’t doomed from the outset*)! I've included a shot of the Preston Hill Oaks for comparison (nothing I could do about the white, cloudy sky there unfortunately, even if I waited all day).

    Dellfield Oak (just coming into leaf)
    Preston Hill Oaks

When I chose the Dellfield Oak as the focus of Project 2014, I had no idea what would develop. I didn’t realise the grazed field was a wonderful treasure trove of wild flowers. I imagine that there are those of you reading this blog who have been enjoying Dellfield’s magic for years. I’m glad I’ve been able to join you. Discovering a couple of Bluebells in amongst the mix today was like turning up yet another jewel.

All along the west side of Dellfield, there are sprays of the tiny-flowered Germander Speedwell. I might have to redo this shot (below) when the weather improves. The Oak between the blue Speedwell and a blue sky would be just lovely, I think.

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